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Fire and Brimstone

A Demonic Compendium of the Wicked, Fallen and Accursed

Submissions will be open to all Australian and NZ based authors starting Jan 1st 2019 and will continue to May 31st 2019 (to be released October 2019).

We are looking for original flash fiction and short stories 500 - 15000 words featuring demonic hellspawn. Think tales of demonic possesion, faustian deals, crossroad bargains and plain old demonic chaos... 

Our preference will be for a wide array of demonic entities, from a range of cultures, we're not really looking for 15 different versions of Lucifer's biblical fall.

Token payments for accepted works are as follows:

Flash fiction 500-1000 words: $5AU
Short story 1000 - 5000 words: $10AU
Short story 5000 - 10000 words: $15AU
Short story 10000 - 15000 words: $20AU

No fanfiction or stories based on existing franchises. No reprints. No erotica and, as always, no sparkly vampires.

Submissions open in