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Stand and Deliver

60 Seconds to Midnight

Ripper Bound

The Tome

Cauldron of Annwyn

Gemini Wraith

Tattle Tale

Stand and Deliver (Steel and Bone: Nine Steampunk Adventures)


The O'Keele brothers are two of the most wanted men in all of New Harfolk, and not even being captured and sentenced to a liftime of hard labour on a remote island prison camp can keep them from doing what they must.



60 Seconds to Midnight (The Toll of Another Bell: A Fantasy Anthology)


When Ylana witnesses the destruction of her world, she flees across the stars to find refuge in the most unlikely place imaginable - in the damaged mind of a 19th century mental patient.



Ripper Bound (Terra Mechanica: A Steampunk Anthology)


Mister Jonesburry is a clockwork enhanced bounty hunter who is used to dealing with some of the most dangerous minds imaginable. But when his latest bounty sees him transporting a young noble with a deadly secret, Jonesburry will find it is his own mind which is at risk.



The Tome (In the Bloodstream: An Anthology of Dark Fantasy and Horror)


Obsessed with a mysterious book whose powers he can't understand, one' man is driven to the edge of madness.



Cauldron of Annwyn (Beyond the Pillars: An Anthology of Pagan Fantasy)


A young noble risks his life and station to save the woman he loves. Seeking aid from a mysterious Wise Woman on the edge of his father's lands, he quickly learns that some prices are worth paying.



Gemini Wraith (Scared Spitless Anthology)


A killer is on the loose, a Victorian city is on the verge of open panic and the constabulary are at their wits end. Meanwhile a young brother and sister find themselves caged in the dark.


Will the police find them before it's too late?



Tattle Tale (Another Time Another Place Anthology)


When a young legal clerk is employed to assist an erratic clockmaker, his sanity slowly begins to ebb away with the sound of every infernal tap of the clockmaker's hand.


A Steampunk tribute to the collected works of Edgar Allen Poe.



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