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Mia’s phone pinged and her insides knotted. ‘Who was it?’ She wondered, ‘And what could they possibly say about me now?’

Every day for the past three weeks, Kaitlyn and the other girls from school had flooded her phone with the most vile trash imaginable. At first it had just been Kaitlyn herself, but the rest of her vacuous sycophants had also caught wind of the game and now sought to outdo each other in a desperate bid to win Kaitlyn’s treasured favour.

‘Why dont u just kill urself u stoopid slut?’

When it first started she was able to ignore it, but the constant nature of it was beginning to wear her defences down.

The phone pinged again, this time indicating a new private message from an unknown user - @Nemesis. 

‘Kaitlyn and another fake profile no doubt,’ she thought. 

Mia hesitated for a moment, intrigued by the picture of the winged goddess Kaitlyn had chosen as her profile picture, it was completely out of character for someone far more likely to pick a photo of her Jenner family namesake. 

‘Who are you, and what do you want?’ 

‘I am Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance, Slayer of Narcissus and I offer you a gift.’ 

Whoever this was, it certainly wasn’t Kaitlyn, she probably thought Narcissus was a type of hair product. 

‘What gift?’

The only reply came in the form of a smiling emoji. 

Kaitlyn wasn’t at school the next day, nor for the remainder of that week. At first people assumed she had merely skipped class, but word soon spread that she had locked herself in her room and refused to come out to even eat or drink. Like Narcissus, however, she had become infatuated with her own digital reflection and flooded her Instagram feed with an endless series of selfies. The final picture on her feed showed an emaciated girl on the verge of death itself. And, though no one else but Mia could see it, in the background of that photo stood the faintest shadow of a winged creature.