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TC Phillips is a scribbler, mess maker, and story teller by nature. He is the founder of Central Queensland’s own independent press Specul8 Publishing, as well as a member of the editorial team for Supanova Comic-Con, Australia’s largest pop-culture convention. He is also an author of his own special brand of warped fiction, and he revels in delving head first into all things strange, bizarre and fantastical. Holding degrees in both Theatre and Education, he also holds a Master of Arts (Writing) and possesses a near super-natural ability to consume more Coca Cola than any living being really ever should. When his pancreas is not screaming under the pressure of his dietary habits, he is constantly befuddled by his three young children and amazed that his long suffering wife has not yet taken it upon herself to murder him in his sleep. 

Primarily interested in speculative fiction in all its assorted forms and manifestations, he loves writing historical fiction, sci-fi and fantasy, but has also found himself becoming increasingly drawn to the Victorian flavour of Steampunk. Having grown up with his nose between the pages of his mother's collections of Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the darker aspects of 19th Century life now hold an intimate fascination for him - a fascination which often bleeds through onto the page.